Creating or updating entries

Someone you were looking for isn’t in the database


There are a number of reasons that you didn’t get the results you expected, or perhaps there isn't much information about someone you did find. Make sure that the spelling of the name is correct, or use the soundex option.

Having said that, the most common reason is that the person has not been entered in the database. The Canadian Great War Project database is a work in progress. It is being populated by a few dedicated individuals who are helping to honour those that served in the Great War by transcribing their information and making it accessible to everyone.

Right now there are approximately 192,195 individuals in the database, with approximately 457,805 left to enter. So the odds are that if you haven’t found the person you were looking for, we haven’t got around to entering that record yet.

At the rate we are currently entering information; it will be several years before we’ve got them all done; we’ve been at it for 16 years so far.

Want to help?

If you’d like to help entering information, you can get started by looking at the Short Guide to Entering Information.

We have a long list of candidates to enter, so if you’d like to pitch in and help us, please let me know.

The only recompense any of us get by working on the Canadian Great War Project is the knowledge that we are helping others remember those that served.