Canada in the First World War

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As with anything that involves research, many others have contributed to this project, directly or indirectly. Most of resourses that I have used are listed in the "Links" or "Recommended Reading" sections, but some individuals and organizations deserve special recognition.

National Archives of Canada. They have done an excellant job of making World War 1 records available via the web. Without this level of access the project would not have been possible.

Bakers Pals, or the members of "The Great War Forum" who have answered many of the questions I posed. particular, Garth (mordac) who has the answer to most questions about the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, and Chris Wight who has answered a couple of tricky questions. Also, the CEF Research discussion board, which includes many of the same members as "The Great War Forum".

My brother Gerry Leroux, who did a lot of the Huntingdon area leg work for me and has answered a lot of of the questions that I came up with concerning the Huntingdon area

Alberta Steel, who maintained a tremendous list of individuals from the area who served in the Great War.

Thanks to all.


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