Canada in the First World War

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The following is from a pamphlet entitled:

Unveiling of Monument
Erected by the Citizens of Sherbrooke

1914 – 1918

To the Men and Women of Sherbrooke
Who fought and fell for their Country
and their God

November 7th, 1926

The Monument

At a public meeting held in the latter part of 1923, a decision was reached to provide for the erection of a monument in honor of the Sherbrooke citizens who enlisted for active service in the world War of 1914-1918.

A representative committee was organized and Canada’s leading sculptors were invited to submit designs. Ways and means were discussed for raising the necessary funds and after several tentative arrangements the matter was left with the City Council and a by-law was submitted to the ratepayers.

A by-law authorizing an expenditure of $25, 000 was adopted and the City Council assumed full charge. Three prominent architects, Messrs. David Brown, A. Marchand and Louis Audet judged the designs and models and Mr. G. W. Hill of Montreal was the successful sculptor.

In 1924 the City Council decided upon King Hill as the most credible site and Mr. Hill set to work. The bronze figures were cast in Belgium and the granite was secured from the Stanstead district. The foundation and excavation work was undertaken by the Newton Construction Co. of Sherbrooke.

The Bronze Tablet

On the occasion of the Armistice celebration, held in 1925, Col. The Rev. A. H. McGreer, Principal of Bishop’s University, suggested that a list of “the fallen” be provided for.

The suggestion was acted upon immediately and the original soldiers’ monument committee was reorganized for the purpose of securing a suitable tablet.

The necessary funds were subscribed for by private citizens and the order for the bronze tablet was placed with Messrs. Robert Mitchell & Co. Ltd, Montreal.

Engraved in the sides of the monument are the names of battles fought by the CEF. The names listed are Ypres, Festubert, St. Julien, Courcellette, La Somme, Arras, Vimy, Cote 70 (Hill 70), Cambrai, Mons.

At some point after 1945 the bronze plaque listing the men from the area who died in the Second World War was added.

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A Collage of documents on the memorial

Thanks to Marika Pirie for making this information available. All photographs and scans of documents for the Sherbrooke Memorial are copyright 2006 by M. Pirie. Photographs of the monument are copyright 2006 by C. Wight.


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