Nominal Roll

31st Canadian Infantry Battalion

Alberta Regiment


This is an alphabetical listing of the entire battalion as taken from H. C. Singer's 1938 Regimental History, "31st Battalion C.E.F. 1914-1919". The 31st Battalion was formed as part of the 2nd Canadian Division, 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade, in October 1914 under the command of General A. H. Bell. They proceeded overseas in May, 1915 and saw action in France and Belgium from September 1915, until the end of hostilities in 1918. They formed part of the Army of Occupation in Germany in December 1918, and finally returned home in May 1919. The 31st Battalion was disbanded on June 1, 1919 in Calgary, Alberta.

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Some 4,675 men served with the 31st Battalion in the 4 years they were in Europe. Due to the volume, the names are listed on a series of pages, which can be accessed by clicking on the first letter of the last name, below:

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Recommended Reading:

31st Battalion CEF 1914-1919 , H. C. SInger 1938

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