Nominal Roll

73rd Canadian Infantry Battalion

Royal Highlanders of Canada


This is an alphabetical listing of the battalion as it was when it left Canada as part of the 4th compiled from the book "A Short History and Photographic Record of the 73rd Battalion". The 73rd Battalion was formed as part of the 4th Canadian Division, 12th Canadian Infantry Brigade, in August 1915 under the command of Lieut.-Colonel Peers Davidson.

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Scans of the book

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Some 940 men enlisted with the 73rd Battalion in 1915. Due to the volume, the names are listed on a series of pages, which can be accessed by clicking on the first letter of the last name, below:

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Scans Of the book :

Don Ross has scanned the book that this roll is compiled from, and has made it available here. All the text and photos from the book are available his site.

Recommended Reading:

Canada's Black Watch 1862-1962, Paul Hutchison 1962