Honour Roll

Canadian Bank of Commerce

Letters from the Front

In 1921 the Bank of Commerce issued a remarkable set of books honouring the men and women from the Canadian Bank of Commerce that served in the Great War. Letters From the Front included letters written by former bank employees, but also included an Honour Roll for those that died, an Awards list, biographies and service records of all employees and photographs of many.

Links on this page will take you to a soldier details page. The biography from Letters From the Front is included in the notes section. Any letter that was written by, or references the individual will be displayed at the bottom of the detail page.

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Abrams, John Norman Private
Ackland, Edgar Adelbert Private
Adams, Francis Stanley Joseph Captain Wounded
Adams, Gerald Drayson Flight Cadet
Adams, Howard William Gunner
Adams, James Michie Captain
Adams, Walter Percy Sergeant Wounded
Aikman, Charles Walter Lieutenant
Aikman, Gerald Gresham Flight Cadet
Ainger, William Edward Second Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Aitchison, Alexander William Lieutenant Wounded
Aitken, James Weir Lieutenant
Aldrich, Merrill Stanley Private Killed in Action
Alexander, Alan Mansell Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Alexander, John Buchan Second Lieutenant
Alexander, Philip Mansell Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Alexander, William Thomas Lieutenant Wounded
Allan, George Francis Lance Corporal Wounded, Killed in Action
Allen, Alfred Harris Captain
Allen, Arthur Haviland Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Allen, Donald Leslie Flight Cadet
Ambridge, Cecil Montague Corporal
Ames, Royden Coleman Lieutenant
Anderson, Bernard Stuart Signaller Killed in Action
Anderson, James Lieutenant
Anderson, Norman Alexander Private
Anderson, Oscar Melvin Private
Anderson, Robert Private Killed in Action
Anderson, Wallace Graham Sapper
Andrews, James Private Wounded
Andrews, Stuart Hadden Corporal
Annett, John Louis Gordon Sergeant Wounded
Annis, Hansford Conant Flight Cadet
Ansell, Frederick Henry Seaman
Apperson, James McKee Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Appleby, Reginald Mortimer Lance Corporal Killed in Action
Archibald, James Meikle Gunner
Archibald, Walter Roy Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Arden, Reginald Douglas Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Argue, Christopher Robert Gunner
Arlidge, Melvern Robertson Sergeant
Armit, Allan Gordon Lieutenant
Armitage, Frederick Maynard Bombadier Wounded
Armitage, Milo Emerson Gunner Wounded
Armitage, Percy William Gunner
Armstrong, Gwin Henry Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Armstrong, Paul King Lieutenant
Arnold, Horace RQSM
Arnold, Richard Ernest Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Aseltine, Howard Steacy Flight Cadet
Ash, Selby Harrison Heale Lieutenant Wounded
Ashby, Carroll Westwood Yeoman
Ashcroft, Nevill Richard Sergeant
Ashforth, Lenard Gunner
Atcheson, John Edward Gunner
Atkins, Frederic Ivor Flight Lieut Wounded
Atkins, George Carman Lieutenant
Atkinson, William Claude Hamilton Private
Austin, Noel Allingham Driver Wounded
Ayre, George Trooper Killed in Action
Badley, Signey Private
Bagley, James Howard Sergeant
Bail, Josep Raoul Lieutenant
Bailey, Edson Albert BQMS
Bailey, John Kennedy Sergeant
Baillarg, Godrey Guy Lieutenant
Baillie, Graham Campbell Blair Bombadier Wounded
Bain, Grigor Edward Lieutenant
Baker, Alfred Godfrey Sergeant
Baker, Arthur Charles Francis Sergeant Wounded
Baker, Beatrice - Miss V.A.D.
Baker, Charles Harvey Private Wounded
Baker, Sydney Raymond Gunner
Balderston, Chester Thomas Second Lieutenant Wounded
Baldwin, Chambrie Travers Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Bales, William Ernest Sergeant
Ball, Alvin Chester Sergeant Wounded
Ball, Douglad Second Lieutenant
Bankart, Arthur Hastings Captain
Bannister, Thomas Gunner
Barlow, Gerald Bruce Lieutenant Wounded
Barnard, Lewis Harold Lieutenant Killed in Action
Barnes, Cyril Holte Lieutenant Wounded
Barnes, Frederick Francis Private Killed in Action
Barnes, Oscar Wade Yeoman
Barnum, Clarence Whitney Mockridge Lieutenant
Barnum, Harold Grafton Captain Wounded Twice
Barrett, William Everett Private
Barry, Frederick Cecil Captain
Barter, Oza Joseph Adelard Sergeant
Bartlett, William Taylor Lieutenant Wounded
Barton, Robert George Second Lieutenant
Bartram, William Robert Lieutenant Wounded
Baston, John Punton RSM Wounded Twice
Bateman, Frederick Lloyd Gunner Died on Active Service
Battisby, Alexander Milne Sergeant Wounded
Baxter, Alexander Daniel Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Beairsto, Reginald Willock Private
Beamish, Patrick Royane S/Sgt. Wounded
Bean, Lewis Mackenzie Private Killed in Action
Beaton, Lawrence Trooper Wounded
Beatson, Roger Stewart Montresor Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
Beattie, Walter Ernest Private
Beatty, Arthur Pakenham Private Wounded
Beatty, George Arthur Second Lieutenant
Beatty, James Harold Private Killed in Action
Beatty, Robert John Gunner
Beatty, Wilbert James Signaller Wounded
Beaulieu, George Raoul Lance Corporal
Beaulieu, Joseph Adhemar Private
Beck, Darrell Alexander Bombadier Wounded
Beck, Guy Armstrong Lieutenant Killed in Action
Beckett, Grenville Lieutenant
Bedard, George Stephen Signaller Wounded
Beddome, Norman Ruttan Gunner
Beerworth, Earl Stanley Flight Cadet
Belford, Franklin Robert Lieutenant Wounded
Bell, David Hunter Captain Wounded
Bell, John Black Sergeant Wounded Three Times, Died of Wounds
Bell, John Mercer grimshaw Lieutenant
Bell, Walter Samuel Air Mechanic
Bennett, Ernest Sergeant
Bennett, Frederick Charles Private Wounded Twice
Bennett, Henry Norman Second Lieutenant
Benson, Herbert John A.B.
Berrow, Henry Robert Bandmaster
Berwick, William Robert Sergeant
Bethell, Donald Leslie Lieutenant Wounded
Bethune, John Alexander Lieutenant Wounded Four Times
Bevan, Alfred William Private Killed in Action
Bicknell, Leslie Newton Private
Biggar, Frederick Charles Major
Bisson, Marie-Louis Second Lieutenant
Blacburn, Francis Aylmer Lieutenant
Black, Francis Stanley Joseph Corporal Killed in Action
Black, James Captain
Black, James Martin Sergeant
Black, William Bueglass Flight Cadet
Blacklay, Francis Pettigrew Private Killed in Action
Blackler, Oliver Lieutenant
Blackwell, Philip William Lieutenant
Blackwell, Thomas Geoffrey Lieutenant
Blackwood, Hartley Private Killed in Action
Blake, Eric Pauncefort CSM Wounded Twice
Blanford, Francis Charles George Private
Bleasdel, Isabelle Marjorie Miss V.A.D.
Blois, Howard Edwin Corporal
Blott, Robert Dudley Private Wounded
Blott, William McGregor Lieutenant Wounded Twice, Died of Wounds
Blue, John Private Wounded
Bluethner, Martin Hermann Lieutenant Wounded
Blundell, Richard Charles Lieutenant
Boddy, William James Lieutenant
Bogue, William Stewart Lieutenant Wounded
Boiston, Thomas Frederick Corporal Wounded
Bolton, William Ralph Sergeant
Bond, Richard Malcom Sergeant
Booth, Leslie Ronald Lieutenant
Booth, Percival Edward Owen Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Boright, George Henry WO 1st
Borrett, Rosco Douglas Lieutenant Wounded
Bourassa, Joseph Dowling Sergeant
Bourns, Thomas Watters Private Wounded
Bowden, Ivan Heyer Sergeant
Bowerbank, George Scott Stanton Major Wounded Twice
Bowker, Frank Stanley Private Wounded
Bowman, Arthur Duskin Private
Boyd, John Livingston Lieutenant
Boyd, Wlter Ralph Corporal
Boyer, Clarence Royden Signaller
Boyer, George Maxwell PO
Boyle, Alexander Findlay Sergeant
Brackley, Clarence James Private
Bradley, William Brown Clark Private
Brake, Frederick Carlton James Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Brander, Alastair Ian Lieutenant
Brawley, Gerald Maurice Captain
Bray, Vivian Morcom Gunner
Breakey, Alexander Graydon WO
Breakey, Henry Leopold Lieutenant Wounded, Died on Active Service
Brennan, David Philip Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Bresee, Robert Walter Flight Cadet
Brice, John Armstrong Cadet Sgt Wounded
Briscoe, Ross Dickson Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Brooke, Basil Gerald 10 Mar 1894
Brooke, George Thomas 19 Oct 1896
Brooks, Charles Cyrus Lieutenant
Brouillette, Omer Herve Private
Brown, Charles Arrol Lieutenant
Brown, Charles Henry Gunner
Brown, David Sergeant
Brown, David Anderson Flight Cadet
Brown, Ernest Private Wounded
Brown, Frank Herber Private
Brown, Frank Meikle Flight Cadet
Brown, Harold Botsford Lieutenant
Brown, Robert Leslie Gunner
Brown, Robert Poole Lance Corporal Wounded
Brown, William Webster Private
Browne, Albert Edward Lieutenant Killed in Action
Brownell, Ronald Petty Officer
Bruce, Alexander Leishman Sergeant
Bruce, Constance Elspeth Miss Nursing Sister
Bruce, Ernest Keith Lieutenant Wounded
Bruce, William Lieutenant
Bruges, William Ernest Lieutenant
Brydon, Fleming Telfer Private
Buchanan, Herbert Ronald Vivian Private Wounded
Buckeridge, Lionel Dacre Private Wounded
Buckland, Alfred Henry Private Wounded
Buckley, Richard Sergeant
Bull, Cecil Robert Captain Wounded
Burbidge, Charles Oscar Corporal
Burchell, Ernest Francis Gunner
Burgess, Arthur Cecil Lieutenant
Burgess, Cyril Philip Flight Cadet
Burland, Charles Inglis Lieutenant
Burnet, Kenneth Hugh Gunner Wounded
Burns, William Private
Burton, Floyd Emerson Sergeant
Butler, Charles Seymour Sergeant
Buzzell, Clarence Edward Lance Corporal Died on Active Service
Buzzell, Leslie Norman Cadet
Cagney, John Private Wounded
Calder, Harold Massie Lieutenant Wounded
Caldwel, Cyril Cassidy Lieutenant
Calkins, Allan Bruce Bombadier
Callaghan, Louis Eric Private Killed in Action
Cameron, Bruce Vaughan Sergeant Wounded
Cameron, Carl Hugh Sergeant Wounded Three Times
Cameron, Charles H. Lieutenant Wounded Three Times
Cameron, Francis Blake Lieutenant Wounded
Cameron, George Jacobs Private Wounded
Cameron, James Albert Private
Campbell, Arthur Brown Captain
Campbell, Duncan John Macleod Lieutenant Killed in Action
Campbell, Harry Cheshel Major
Campbell, Herbert Alexander Private
Campbell, James Morrow Private
Campbell, Murton Conway Sergeant
Campbell, Sidney George Staff Sgt.
Campbell, William Austin Private
Cantlon, Ralph Mortimer Corporal Wounded
Capson, Ronald Sgt Instructor
Carey, Louis Maitland Gunner
Carling, Harry Verity Sergeant
Carmichael, Alexander Harper Lieutenant Wounded
Carmichael, Colin Lieutenant Wounded
Carmichael, Peter MacEwan Corporal
Carmichael, Wilmore Lorne Lieutenant Killed in Action
Carnwith, William Robert Lieutenant Wounded
Carpenter, Raymond Hurtel Private Wounded
Carr, George Hubbert Sheriff Private Wounded
Carran, Henry Edward Sergeant
Carroll, Joseph Edward Seaman
Carroll, Reginald Sheridan Captain Wounded
Carson, Alexander Black Gunner
Castle, Frederick George Driver
Caswall, Frank Esdaile Staff Sgt.
Cates, John Henry Lieutenant
Caton, Arthur Carisle Lance Corporal Wounded
Caughey, Samuel Walker Sergeant
Caw, John Ashton Lieutenant Wounded Three Times
Chaddock, Horace Albert Lieutenant Wounded
Challenor, Henry Richard Haynes Lieutenant Wounded
Chancy, Benjamin Franklin Private
Chapman, Charles Frederick Private Wounded
Chard, Arthur Bruce Private
Charles, Edward Percy Lieutenant
Charles, Gordon Private Wounded Twice
Chawner, William Henry Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Chelew, George Morley Sergeant
Child, James Martin Captain Died on Active Service
Chipman, Reginald Wemyss Lieutenant
Chisholm, Thomas Gordon Lieutenant Wounded
Chisholm, William Graham Sergeant Wounded
Chittick, John William Private
Chivers-Wilson, Victor Private
Christie, Campbell Manning Sergeant Wounded
Christie, Thomas Anderson Sgt. Major Wounded
Claringbold, John Osborne Private Killed in Action
Clark, Andrew Fordyce Gunner Wounded
Clark, Charles Edman Private
Clarke, Arnold Evelyn Corporal
Clarke, Desmond Percy Mackenzie Private
Clarke, George Edward Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Clarke, Gordon Caldwell Alexander Sergeant
Clarke, Robert McClelland Lieutenant Wounded
Clarke, Theophilus Arden Private Wounded Twice
Clarke, Wilfrid Leslie Sergeant Wounded
Clayton, Ralph Edward Gunner
Cleary, Thomas Writer
Cleland, Douglas Robert Sergeant
Cleland, James Mill Lieutenant Wounded
Clement, Noel Sergeant Wounded Three Times
Clendinning, William Burgoyne Private Wounded
Clery, William Valentine Patrick Lieutenant Wounded
Cleveland, Charles Ashley Private Wounded
Close, Robert george Private
Cockburn, Gordon Private Wounded
Cockeram, Alan Captain Wounded Twice
Cockeram, Wallace Graham Sapper
Coffin, John Sherran Flight Cadet
Coffin, Leland Charles Private Wounded
Coleman, Frederick Charles Lieutenant
Colerick, Allan Bowie W.O.
Coll, Joseph Isidore Corporal
Colley, James Noel Bellasyse Lieutenant
Collier, John Dickson Private Wounded
Connolly, Felix James Gunner
Connon, Frederick Louis Lieutenant Wounded
Conover, Clinton Crosby Lieutenant
Cook, Arthur Sergeant
Cook, William Tasker Private Wounded
Cooke, Alfred Adam Signaller
Cooke, Roy Lambert Private
Cooper, William Neill Corporal Wounded
Copley, Richard Cuthbert Flight Cadet
Cordner, William John Lieutenant Wounded
Corey, Irving Banfield Lieutenant
Corkran, Richard Frederick Sergeant
Coultis, John William Lieutenant Wounded
Coultous, La Verne Lance Corporal Wounded
Cowie, John Private Killed in Action
Cowling, Edward Mervyn Gunner Wounded
Cowling, Herbert George Lieutenant
Cowperthwaite, Charles Allan Gunner
Cox, Bertram Howard Gunner
Cox, Lionel Paymaster
Cox, Ralph John Gunner
Craft, Henry Morgan Sergeant
Craib, Patrick Shack Sergeant
Craig, Adam James Corporal Wounded
Cram, John Mitchell Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Cramp, John Private Wounded, Died on Active Service
Crane, Kenneth Harding Lieutenant
Cranstoun, George Byron Signaller
Crawford, Melville Sealy Corporal Died on Active Service
Crawford, Vernon Cyne Private Wounded
Creighton, James CSM Wounded
Cridland, Leonard edwin Private
Croft, Ainley Thompson Captain
Crompton, John Bourchier Captain
Cromwell, Raymond George Flight Cadet
Crone, Charles Henry Sergeant Wounded
Cronhelm, Edward William Arthur Gunner Wounded
Crook, George Leonard Sergeant
Crookston, John McCrindle CSM
Crosbie, Herbert Lieutenant Wounded
Crosby, Hazlett Saunders Gunner Wounded
Crotty, Richard Evelyn Moore Private
Crotty, William Houghton Lieutenant
Crowe, Thomas Albert Sergeant
Crozier, Joseph Trooper Wounded
Cruickshank, Herbert William Lieutenant
Cruickshank, John Duguid Captain Wounded
Cryderman, Arthur Douglas Private
Culverwell, Frank James Flight Cadet
Cummins, Hugh Charles Gunner
Cunningham, Alexander Rentoul Private
Curran, Veysie Captain Wounded Twice
Currie, Claude Francis Captain
Currie, James Campbell Private
Currie, Martin Hermann Major
Curry, Frank Willard Paymaster
Curry, Victor Leslie Petty Officer
Curtice, Reginald Henry Sergeant
Cuthbert, John Thomas Flight Cadet
Cuthbertson, Lloyd Evan Flight Cadet
Dailey, James Johnston Flight Cadet Sgt
Daley, Warnock Bernard Flight Cadet
Dalton, Norman Dameral Lieutenant Wounded
Dalton, Robert Abner Baillie Private
Dalton, Wilbur J. Flight Cadet
Dalton, William Joseph Lieutenant
D'Alton, Robert Patrick Jr. Second Lieutenant
Daniel, Edward Herbert Captain Wounded
Darcus, Richard James Lieutenant Wounded Four Times
Darley, Drewry Bradshaw Staff Sgt.
Darley, Frederick Farran Bradshaw Private Wounded, Died of Wounds
Darroch, Douglas Andrew Collingwood Flight Cadet
Darrow, Frank Roger Second Lieutenant
Davidson, Alexander Private Wounded
Davin, James Andrew Lieutenant Wounded
Davis, Donald Leslie Lieutenant
Davis, Milton Harold Second Lieutenant
Davis, Winford Wallace Lieutenant Wounded
Davison, Charles Wright Bombadier Wounded Twice
Davison, John Arnold Lieutenant Wounded
Davison, John Vance Gunner
Davison, Robert Private
Dawson, Guy Herbert Signaller
Day, Frederic Austin Lieutenant Wounded Three Times
De Fallot, Carl Captain Wounded
De Geer, Walter Button Gunner
De Guerre, Harold Walker Captain Wounded
De Long, James Clarence Gunner Wounded
De Montmorency, Frederick Harvey Lieutenant Wounded
De Montmorency, Herbert Branston Major Wounded Twice
De Wind, Edmund Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Deans, William David Lieutenant Wounded
Denning, James Roy Sergeant Wounded Twice
Derby, Joseph Private
Deuel, Russell Smith Lance Corporal Died While a POW
Dick, Christian Fraser Private Killed in Action
Dickinson, James Snowden Second Lieutenant
Dierlamn, Wilfrid Roy Sapper
Dimock, Milford Cleveland Private Wounded
Dinning, Gordon Gunner
Dinsmore, George Hastings Stone Captain
D'Ivry, Viscount Gaetan Ogier Captain
Dixon, George Henry Jr. Gunner
Doane, Charles Douglas Gunner
Dodds, Gilbert Leyland Asst. Purser
Dodge, Francis Everett Private Killed in Action
Doiron, Reginald Andrew Lieutenant
Donald, Duncan John Macleod Lieut-Colonel
Donald, James Watt Corporal
Donald, Walter Leslie Gunner Killed in Action
Donkin, Frederick Delmege Private Wounded
Dore, William Henry Captain Killed in Action
Douglas, James Emmerson Lieutenant Wounded
Douglas, William Gordon Gunner
Dow, John Campbell Corporal
Downing, Thomas Allen Gunner
Dowsley, Colin Gray Captain Wounded
Drake, Percy Charles Lieutenant
Dreher, Edwin Franklin Corporal
Drummond, Arthur Clifford Private
Drummond-Hay, Eric Lieutenant Killed in Action
Dubuc, Gustav Joseph Second Lieutenant
Duff, Graham Sergeant Wounded, Killed in Action
Duffus, Gordon Craig Lance Corporal Wounded
Duley, Lionel Thomas Lieutenant Killed in Action
Duncan, Charles Wilfred Driver
Duncan, Henry Aulus Captain Killed in Action
Duncan, Horace Clark Captain
Duncan, John Sergeant Wounded
Duncans, Frank Robert Gunner
Dundas, Alfred Livingstone Sergeant
Dunn, David Stanley Lieutenant
Dunn, Joseph Private
Dunn, Walter Clarence Flight Cadet
Dunsford, Martin Hermann Captain Wounded
Durrant, Francis Eric Private
Duthie, Thomas Arthur Sergeant
Duthie, William Smith Lieutenant Wounded
Eamer, Lorne Robert Driver
Earle, Clarence Wylie Gunner
Edgar, William Sandford Corporal
Edmonds, Arnold Evelyn Corporal Wounded Twice
Edmunds, Harold Howard Private
Egan, Nicholas Joseph Lieutenant Wounded
Elderkin, William Arthur Private Killed in Action
Ellett, John Frederick Sergeant
Elliott, Edward Herbert Percy Gunner
Elliott, Geroge Thomas Corporal
Elliott, Stuart Chesser Lieutenant
Ellis, Reagh Havelock Second Lieutenant
Ellis, Wilfred Dancy Private Wounded
Elsley, Lloyd Evan Lieutenant Killed in Action
Elwood, John Yeates Gunner
Emerson, Frederick Laurier Private Wounded
Emmerson, George Moore Captain Killed in Action
Emtage, Gerald Nurse Bombadier Wounded
Evans, Frank Charles Studdart Private
Evans, Niel Fred Second Lieutenant
Evans, Thomas Humphrey Corporal Wounded
Exhaw, Edward Haliday Private Wounded
Eyres, Lawrence Herbert Gunner
Faichney, William Stirling Gunner
Falconer, Ian Croil Lieutenant Wounded
Falkner, Ian Post Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Falkner, William Harold Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Falle, Theodore De Carteret Captain Wounded
Fane, Robert Frank Private Killed in Action
Farmer, Donogh Ernest Sergeant
Fee, John Robert CSM Wounded
Fennell, John Frederick Corporal
Ferguson, James Alexander Flight Cadet
Ferguson, Roderick MacKenzie Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Fernie, Frederick Sergeant Wounded
Fernie, William Hobbs Lieutenant
Fice, Percy Wellington Lieutenant
Fidler, Ernest William Staff Sgt.
Field, Charles Alfred Gunner
Findlay, Harry Frank Gordon Lieutenant
Findlay, Joseph Masson Private Wounded Twice
Findlay, Kenneth Campbell Lance Corporal Killed in Action
Findlay, William Henry Second Lieutenant Wounded
Finlay, Guy Borthwick Second Lieutenant
Fisher, Ivan Myrrel Lance Corporal Wounded
Fisher, Robert Oswald Gunner
Fisher, Stanley Elsworth Sergeant
Fitton, Edmund Private Wounded
Fitton, Horace Cecil Malone Lieutenant
Fitzgerald, Maurice LeMoine Corporal Wounded
Fitzgerald, Terence Duncan Second Lieutenant
Flann, John Davis Sergeant
Fleming, Kenneth Lionel Private
Fletcher, Karl Pope Sergeant
Flower, Frederick Godfrey Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Floyd, Thomas Clive Major Wounded Four Times
Foley, Ernest George Corporal Wounded
Folk, Dee Craig Private
Forbes, Duncan John Macleod Flight Cadet
Forbes, Ian Grant Flight Cadet Died on Active Service
Forbes, John Atholl McGregor Private Killed in Action
Forbes, Robert John Lieutenant Wounded
Ford, Herbert Ashley Lance Corporal Wounded Twice
Ford, James Sapper
Forder, George Archibald Campbell Staff Sgt.
Forhan, Leslie George Hodges Lieutenant
Forster, William Burton Major Wounded
Fortye, Alexander Vennor Private
Foster, James Russell Gunner
Fowler, John Charles Masson Lance Corporal
Fowler, John Gerald Sergeant Wounded
Fowler, Richard Terrant RSM
Fowler, William Alexander Captain
Fowler, William Henry Private Killed in Action
Fox, Charles James Sergeant Wounded
Fox, Ernest Sidney Lieutenant
Foxall, Edwin Franklin Sapper
Fraser, Alexander Captain Wounded
Fraser, George Hanlon Bevis Bombadier
Fraser, George William Alexander Sergeant Killed in Action
Fraser, John Alexander Cameron Captain Wounded
Fraser, Peter Wilkie Gunner Wounded
Freeman, Herbert Arthur Cecil Sergeant
Freeman, James Private Died on Active Service
Frijs, Count Ove Krag Juel Vind Private Killed in Action
Frost, Reginald Hanby Second Lieutenant
Fuke, Harry John Private
Gaine, Arnold Lieutenant
Gair, William Randolh Private Wounded
Galaugher, William Nelson Lieutenant Killed in Action
Galbraith, John Francis Second Lieutenant
Galbraith, John Happell Jr. Sergeant Wounded
Galbraith, William James Boyd Lance Corporal Wounded
Garden, Clarence Scott Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Garden, Robert Buchan Private Wounded Three Times
Gardner, John Hartley Gunner Wounded
Gear, Clement Manning H. Private
Geddes, Harold Edward Second Lieutenant
Geddes, Robert Flight Cadet
Geddes, William Cameron Private
Genest, Maurice Alphonse Lieutenant Wounded
George, Eric Hereford Gunner
Gibson, Alexander Stuart Sapper
Gibson, Alfred James Edward Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Gibson, Donald Patzki Second Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Gibson, Herbert Murray Second Lieutenant
Gibson, Oliver Taylor Private
Gibson, Robert Black Lieutenant
Gifford, Joseph Spon Lieutenant
Gilbert, Irby Woodron Gunner Wounded
Gilbert, William Alexander Cadet Wounded
Gildea, John Arthur Knox Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Gillespie, John William Lieutenant
Gillespie, Norman Alexander Private Died While a POW
Gillespie, Victor Allan Private Wounded
Gillespie, Wilfred Walsh Private
Gillies, Robert George Driver
Gilmore, Lloyd Elmo Gunner
Gilmour, Cecil Richard Private Wounded
Girling, Richard Charles Gunner
Gisborne, Frederick Newton Sergeant
Gisborne, Lionel Reginald Gunner
Glasgow, Allan Patteson Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Glazbrook, Howard Michael Flight Cadet
Glenn, James Ferguson Private
Glover, Philip Sydney Clabon Lieutenant
Godden, Bertram Lieutenant Wounded
Godsman, Francis Forbes Private Wounded
Godwin, Arthur George Herbert Private Wounded, Killed in Action
Golden, Archilles Daunt Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Golden, Thomas Leo Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Gometz, Ernest Patrick Private
Goodale, Walter Henry Lieutenant Killed in Action
Goodchild, Charles Henry Private
Goodfellow, John Kemp Private
Gooding, Wyatt Kaylor Gunner
Gordon, Charles Lieutenant Killed in Action
Gordon, David Elder Second Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
Gordon, Glen Napier Captain Wounded
Gordon, James Archibald Sergeant
Gordon, William Thompson Flight Cadet
Gossage, Brookes Ferrar Lieutenant
Gossell, Daniel Augustus Flight Cadet
Gowdy, Norman Stanley Sergeant
Graham, Charlie Wallace Lance Corporal
Graham, Frederick Allison Sergeant Wounded Twice
Graham, Howard Welling Sergeant
Grainer, James Gunner
Grant, John Corporal
Grasett, John Elliot Private
Gravel, Christopher Arthur Signaller
Graves, Archibald Frank Lieutenant Wounded
Gray, Jack Campbell Private
Gray, James Everett Lance Corporal Wounded
Gray, William John Lieutenant
Greacen, Robert Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Greacen, Thomas Captain Wounded Twice
Green, Percy Albert Bombadier
Greey, Paul Bascom Lieutenant
Gregory, Charles Ronald Signaller
Grieve, George Beveridge Sapper
Griffith, William Fraser Lieutenant Wounded
Grover, Jasper Keeler Private Wounded
Grover, Trevor Michael Lieutenant
Guay, Rene Private
Gubbins, Hugh Power Nepean Lieutenant
Gudgin, Harry Oswald Lieutenant
Gunn, Andrew MacKay Lieutenant
Guy, Frederick James Private Wounded, Killed in Action
Gwyther, Ralph Edwin William Second Lieutenant Wounded
Hales, George Reid Private Killed in Action
Halliday, Henry Alexander Lieutenant
Hamilton, Andrew Lorne Colonel
Hamilton, Eric Lieutenant Wounded
Hamilton, Ronald Lorne Lieutenant
Hamilton, William Thorburn Private Wounded
Hampton, Percy Reginald Lieutenant Wounded
Hanna, Robert Nassau Private Killed in Action
Harding, Alan Wilfred Private Killed in Action
Hardyman, Ferdinand Napier Lieutenant Wounded
Harley, George Ernest Captain
Harlow, Archibald Alfred George Major
Harman, George Mark Milton Petty Officer
Harragin, Albert Reginald Tennant Lieutenant
Harrington, Allan Gordon Lieutenant
Harris, Alexander Douglas Sergeant Wounded
Harris, Cecil Alfred Second Lieutenant Wounded
Harris, Herbert Kitchener Private
Harrison, Cecil Dyne Flight Cadet Wounded
Harrison, Frank Sergeant Killed in Action
Harrison, Herbert James Sergeant
Harrison, Herbert William Second Lieutenant Wounded
Harrison, Percival Rudolph Corporal
Harrison, Thomas Robert Trooper
Hart, Arthur Gilbert Sapper
Hart, Harry Private Wounded Twice
Hart, Victor Oliver Augustus Private Wounded
Hartle, Donald Bertrand Lieutenant Wounded
Hartwic, Harry Ernest Lieutenant
Harvie, Andrew Kennedy Captain
Hawkins, Lloyd Arthur S. Lieutenant Wounded
Hawyward, Earl Gibson Flight Cadet
Hayes, Leonard James Private
Hayes, Robert John Private
Hazelton, Hubert George Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Hazlewood, Roy Ewart Private
Heard, Albert Charles Decker Private
Heaslip, Robert Erle Captain Wounded
Heathcote, Roland Loftus Gunner
Heffernan, Michael Richard Lieutenant
Hegan, John Black Gunner
Henderson, James Alexander Carlyle Signaller Wounded, Died on Active Service
Henderson, James Leslie Captain
Henderson, John Sherwood Driver
Henderson, William Private Wounded
Hennessy, Denis John Gunner
Henry, Hugh MacDonald Captain Killed in Action
Henry, Richard, Irwin Private Wounded
Henry, Roy Ewart Gladstone Corporal
Herd, Alexander Higgins Corporal
Heric, Robert John Private
Herne, Leslie Colrick Lieutenant Wounded
Heron, Verden Ewart Flight Cadet
Heroux, Joseph Arthur Flight Cadet
Hess, Cleveland Second Lieutenant
Heston, Alexander Wiley Corporal
Hewat, Andrew Rutherford Gunner
Heyland, Alfred Thomas Private
Hicks, Ralph Stanley Lieutenant
Hicks-Lyne, Richard Temple Earles Captain Wounded
Higgins, John Ruddle Sergeant
Higgs, James Archibald Doyle Lieutenant
Highmoor, Walter Harrison Gunner
Hill, Arthur Signaller
Hill, Hedley Victor Baron Major
Hill, Herbert Ernest Sergeant
Hill, John Crichton Signaller Wounded
Hill, Nelson Murray Private
Hill, William Driver
Hillary, Robert Signaller
Hillary, Robert Stuart Signaller Wounded
Hillman, Albert Donald Private
Hillyard, Hugh Bertie Lancelot Alick Lieutenant Wounded Three Times
Hilton, Arthur Douglas Car Gunner
Hoad, William Ernest Gunner Killed in Action
Hoare, Jocelyn Theodore Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Hodge, Stanley Elsworth Private Wounded, Killed in Action
Hogg, Richard John Jefferson Lieutenant Wounded
Holder, John Whelphey Gunner
Holdsworth, Milfred Valentine Gunner
Holland, George Kilvert Lieutenant Killed in Action
Holmes, John Elwood Corporal Wounded Twice
Holmes, Ronald Joseph Lieutenant
Holmes, Stanley Fred Captain
Holmes, William Frier Lance Corporal Wounded Twice
Holmes, William Parker Lieutenant
Holt, Jeffery Gunner
Honeyman, Howard R. Sergeant Wounded
Hood, Arthur Mabery Private
Hood, George Arthur Lieutenant
Hoole, John Raymond Private
Hope, Donald Beresford Driver Wounded, Killed in Action
Hope, Helen Christine Miss V.A.D.
Hopkins, Sidney John Private
Hopkinson, Walter Douglas Lieutenant
Hornby, Alfred Private
Horne, Gilbert Charles Lieutenant
Hornibrook, Francis Belsaigne Gunner
Horspool, George Frederick Sergeant Wounded Twice
Houle, William Emile Corporal
Houston, Arthur Stewart Lance Corporal Wounded
Houston, Robert Captain
Huehn, Ira Harry Private Wounded, Killed in Action
Huff, Herbert Hiram Private
Hughes, James Henry Crossett Gunner
Hughes, Roland Price Lieutenant
Hughes, Vernon Gunner
Hunt, Basil Cecil Sydney Private
Hunt, Harold Samuel Sapper
Hunt, Hugh Michael Chief Artificer
Hunter, David Robert Gunner
Hunter, James ("Pat") Sergeant Wounded
Hunter, John Galbraith Sergeant
Hunter, Robert Hogg Private
Hunter, Stanley John Lieutenant Wounded
Hunter, William Alfred Todd Lieutenant
Hurrell, Ernest Gwynne Flight Cadet
Hutcheson, James Bell Lieutenant
Hutchison, Robert Second Lieutenant
Hutson, Frederick Raymond Captain Wounded Twice
Hydes, Andrew Private
Ibbotson, Edwin Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Illingworth, Harold Edward Captain
Inglis, Lewis Wright Bombardier
Ingmire, Gilbert Maynard Asst. Died on Active Service
Ingram, Aubrey Eric Flight Cadet
Ingram, Alexander Rough Staff Sgt.
Inkster, Charles Lloyd Corporal Wounded
Innes, Murray Alexander Flight Cadet
Ireland, Donald Creighton Private
Irvine, William Peter Private Killed in Action
Irwin, Frederick Arnord Private
Irwin, Wilfred Leslie Staff Sgt.
Jackson, George Henry Gunner Killed in Action
Jackson, Thomas Stanley Lieutenant
Jackson, William Archibald Second Lieutenant
Jackson, William Stanley Gunner Wounded
James, George Cale Captain
James, Thomas William Honorary Lieut
Jardine, Robert Sim Paterson Sergeant
Jarvis, John Eustance Lieutenant
Jeffares, Rupert Jocelyn Corporal
Jeffrey, Clarence John Bombardier
Jessop, John Reginald Captain Killed in Action
Jezeph, Edward Private
Johnson, Bernard Richard Corporal Wounded
Johnson, Charles Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Johnston, Arthur Irvine Private Wounded
Johnston, Edmund Maurice Lieutenant
Johnston, Harold Tumoth Private
Johnston, Robert Private
Jolley, Sydney Richard Everest Lieutenant Wounded Four Times
Jones, Clarence Wilfred Private
Jones, Cyril Beverly Ford Captain Wounded Twice
Jones, Donald Edward Private
Jones, Ellis Wyn Private Wounded
Jones, Harold Austin Lieutenant Wounded
Jones, Noel Stephen Lieutenant
Jones, Ralf Egerton Norris Lieutenant Killed in Action
Jones, Thomas Cyril Mcgregor Private
Jones, Weldon Tomas Deverell Private
Joy, Henry Christorpher Gunner
Julian, Robert, Robert Godfrey Private Wounded
Kail, Thomas William Lance Corporal
Kathan, Earl Wood Private
Kearns, Sidney Scobell Cadet
Keeling, Williams Nevill Second Lieutenant
Keeping, Minster Frederick Lieutenant
Keith, John Reid CSM Died on Active Service
Kelly, William Moore Cadet (Gunner)
Kennedy, George Wendell Private Wounded
Kennedy, Josias Alexander Chancellor Captain Wounded
Kenney, Theodore Victor Gunner
Kent, John Mason Lieutenant
Kent, William Henry Private
Kerr, Alexander Murray Corporal Wounded
Kerr, David Massey Gillman Private
Kerr, Fletcher Second Lieutenant
Kerridge, Arthur White Second Lieutenant
Kettle, Francis Henry Lieutenant
Kewley, Benjamin Henry Lieutenant
Key, George Brown Jr. Private
Kidd, Harold Weardale Private
Kidd, Roy Wilfrid 1st Air Mech.
Kidd, William Charles Ernest Private
Kiddle, Douglas Cyril Private
Killip, Raymond Sherman Gunner
King, Erle Lieutenant
King, Ernest Gordon Sergeant
King, John James Alexander Private Wounded
Kinghan, Albert Edward Lieutenant Killed in Action
Kinnear, Albert Marlow Captain Wounded
Kinsley, Alfred Ainsworth Private Wounded
Kirkpatrick, Douglas Gummings Gunner
Kirkwood, Alfred Sergeant
Knight, Francis Herbret Lieutenant
Knight, George Stewart Corporal
Knill, John Howard Lieutenant Wounded
Knott, Edward Sergeant Wounded Twice
Knott, Edward Charles Mackintosh Lieutenant
Knowlson, Wilfrid Merritt Lieutenant
Kranz, Charles Robert Sergeant
Kress, George Harper Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Kydd, Burness Rifleman.
L'Abble, Elmo Edmund Sergeant
Lacasse, Antoine Flight Cadet.
Ladd, William Allard Private Wounded
Ladnes, Russell Thomas Flight Cadet
Lafferty, Louis Joseph Gunner Wounded
Lamb, George Combe Corporal Wounded
Lamb, Thomas Charles Major
Lambkin, John Joseph Corporal
Lamont, Frank Lieutenant Wounded
Lane, George Francis Swabey Sapper
Lane, Maitland Percy Lieutenant Killed in Action
Langille, Ralph Meredith Sergeant
Latimer, Gerald Edward Private Wounded
Lauder, David Gale Private Wounded
Lawrence, Edward Gilbert Private Wounded
Lawrence, Henry Sanborn Corporal
Lawrence, James Sergeant
Lawrie, Thomas Boyd Jr. Sargeant Wounded
Lawson, Norman Eisenhuth Webster Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Layton, John Gregory Grahm Second Lieutenant
Le Lievre, S. St. J Private
Le Lievre, Stanley St.John Private
Le Thick, Gerald Mann Second Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Le Thicke, G. M. Second Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Leach, Joseph Haughton Private
Leader, William Kenneth Muntz Captain
Leask, Harry Smith Flight Cadet.
Leather, Edwin Russell Captain
Leavitt, Harris Ray Private
Ledain, Eric George Bryant Gunner
Lee, Albert Ammerman Flight Cadet
Lee, Douglas William Corporal Wounded
Lefroy, Fraser Keith Second Lieutenant Wounded
Leggat, William Lieut-Colonel
Legh-Jones, George Lieutenant
Legh-Jones, W. W. Lieutenant
Leigh-Bennett, Henry Granville Second Lieutenant Wounded
Leighton, Joseph Mervin Staff Sgt.
Leishman, George Edward Lieutenant Wounded
Leitch, E. G. Bombadier Killed in Action
Lepper, R. H. Condeucteur Sergeant (French Army)
Leslie, C Bugler
Leslie, T. E. Private
Lewis, E. G. Private
Lewis, F. I. Lieutenant Wounded
Lewis, G. T. Staff Sergeant
Lewis, J. D. Lieutenant
Leybourne, A. D. J. Private Wounded
Lindsay, W. S. Private Wounded
Linnett, A. Private
Lipsham, C. W. Private Killed in Action
Litchfield, R. W. R. Flight Cadet Died on Active Service
Little, F. J. Second Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Livingston, F. I. Private
Livingston, S. L. Private
Livingstone, R. M. Private Wounded
Lloyd, A. B. F. Captain Wounded
Lloyd, St. G. O. Sergeant Killed in Action
Llwyd, C. D. Captain Wounded, Killed in Action
Lobley, A. C. Lieutenant
Lobley, Owen Rickell Lieut.-Colonel
Lockerby, John Erskine Private Wounded
Logan, William Blackwood Private Killed in Action
Long, A. E. R. Flight Cadet
Lorden, J. C. Flight Cadet
Lorimer, J. Lieutenant
Loughrin, J. P. Gunner
Lovett, J. H. Lieut.-Colonel Wounded Three Times
Low, John Private Killed in Action
Lowther, John Staff Sgt. Wounded
Lugsdin, Harold Joseph Flight Cadet
Lumb, Francis Vickerman Captain
Lunan, John Private Wounded
Lupton, Mervyn Mansell CSM Killed in Action
Lyall, William Herbert Private Killed in Action
Lynch, Cecil Antony Private Killed in Action
Lyon, Lawrence Gordon Lieutenant Wounded, Died of Wounds
MacArdlele, Kenneth Henry Callan Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
MacAulalay, John Corporal Wounded
MacCallum, Earle Carman Lieutenant Killed in Action
MacCallum, Lorne corneil Bombardier
MacConnell, Islay Gormley Carveth Gunner
MacDiarmid, Ronald Sterling Pte 1st Class
MacDonald, Donald John Cadet
MacDonald, George Wilfred Flight Cadet
MacDonald, Norman James Lieutenant Wounded
MacDonald, Roderick MacKenzie Bombardier
MacDonald, Wilfred David Sergeant
MacDougall, John William Lieutenant Wounded
MacDuff, William Brown Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
MacEachern, Roy Flight Cadet
MacFeeters, William Gourley Flight Cadet
MacGillivray, Henry Darroch Gunner
MacIlroy, Vincent Louis Lieutenant Wounded
MacKay, Cecil Murray Gunner
MacKay, Evander McIvor QMS Wounded
MacKay, James Angus Second Lieutenant
MacKay, Wilfred Barker Lieutenant Wounded
MacKechnie, Charles Wallace crawford Air Mechanic
MacKedie, Alan Reginald Captain Wounded, Killed in Action
MacKellar, Gordon Archibald Private
MacKenzie, Tom Percival Major
MacKenzie, William Archibald Gillies Lieutenant Killed in Action
MacKnight, Edwin Arnold Choate Gunner
MacLean, Aldo Keith Private
MacLean, George Robinette Sergeant
MacLean, Hugh Fitzroy Lance Corporal Wounded
MacLean, Sidney De Bellefouille Lieutenant Wounded
MacLennan, Alexander McDonald Bombardier
MacLeod, Ewen Vernon Gunner Wounded Four Times
MacLeod, Norman Stuart Lieutenant
MacLoughlin, Samuel Lieutenant
MacMahon, Edward Thomas Sergeant
MacMillan, Alexander Pearson Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
MacMillan, George Albert Flight Lieut
MacPhee, Norman Staff Sgt
MacPherson, John Carmichael Major Wounded
MacPherson, Robert Hallowell Lieutenant
MacQuaig, Ewen Donald Private
MacRae, Alexander Grant CQS
MacRae, Hector Alexander Private Wounded
MacRae, Malcolm Lieutenant Wounded Twice, Killed in Action
MacTavis, Ian Forgan Lieutenant
MacVie, Alexander Crombie Second Lieutenant
Maeder, Richard Alreid Sergeant
Maginn, Francis John Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Mahon, Theodore Campbell greaves Private Wounded Three Times
Main, John Sapper
Maitland, Guy Reginald Andrew Lance Corporal Killed in Action
Malouin, Horace Eugene Flight Cadet
Manifold, Charles Cowper Private Wounded
Mann, Horace Gaynor Trevelyan Flight Cadet
Manners, George Edward Private Wounded
Manning, Frederick Langford Gunner
Marchand, Jules Second Lieutenant
Marlatt, John Lloyd Flight Cadet
Marlow, Reginald Hill Captain
Marriott, Guy Wilford MacDonald Colonel Wounded
Marshall, George Leslie Lieutenant
Marshall, James Murray Second Lieutenant
Martin, Charles Private
Martin, Frank Jenner Private
Martin, George Corporal Wounded
Martin, John Private
Martin, Kenneth Lionel Lance Corporal Killed in Action
Martin-Davey, Arthur 7 Aug 1898 Drowned Lusitania
Mason, Charles Albert Private Wounded
Mason, Harry Evelyn Second Lieutenant Wounded
Matheson, Campbell Arnott Private Killed in Action
Matheson, Frederick Alexander Lieutenant
Matheson, John Campbell Major
Mathias, Francis Morgan Captain Wounded Three Times
Matkin, Joseph Hugh CSM Wounded
Maw, Edwin Hunter Second Lieutenant
Mawhinney, Joseph Corporal
Maxwell, Alfred Charles Signaller
Mayers, Herbert Rawle Private
Mayrs, Joseph Charles Private
McAllister, John  
McArthur, Gordon Alexander Private Wounded
McBain, John Henry Private
McBain, Richard Norman Signaller
McBride, Daniel Gunner Wounded
McBride, William Alexander Gunner
McCann, Richard Twinein Corporal Wounded
McCarthy, Callaghan John Private
McCarthy, Charles Leopole Joseph Captain
McCarthy, Rae Brydon Lieutenant Killed in Action
McCarthy, Randal Kerr Captain Wounded
McClafferty, Frederick Sylvester Cadet Wounded
McClafferty, Reginold Kenice Gunner
McClatchie, James Linford Private
McClintock, Alexander Hugh Corporal
McClure, Joseph Andrew Bright Captain Killed in Action
McConkey, Thomas William Lieutenant Wounded
McConnel, Campbell Gordon Bombadier
McConnel, Russell William Lieutenant
McCrea, William John Sergeant
McDade, Roland Hollis Gunner
McDonald, Alexander Auld Flight Cadet Wounded
McDonald, Alexander Hugh Lieutenant
McDonald, Eric Douglas Lieutenant Wounded
McDonald, Raymond Fenton Private
McEachern, John Bonaventure Flight Cadet
McEachern, John Joseph Gunner Died on Active Service
McFarlan, Alexander Robin Second Lieutenant Wounded Twice
McFarland, John Wagner Private Killed in Action
McGill, Thomas Caryle Captain
McGown, John McLean Captain
McGregor, James Alpine Lieutenant
McGregor, Russell Bombadier
McGregor, William James Boyd Private Wounded
McGuffin, Samuel John Gunner
McHarg, Lorne Hunter Lieutenant Killed in Action
McHenry, Eric Howard Private Wounded
McInnes, George H. Signaller
McInnes, Hugh Private Killed in Action
McIntosh, Harvey Ellsworth Signaller
McIntosh, Robert Bruce Gunner Wounded
McIntyre, Duncan Private Wounded
McIntyre, William Gourley Private
McIver, Alexander Ross Staff Sgt
McKenna, Frederick C. Private Killed in Action
McKenzie, James Albert Lieutenant Wounded
McKeough, George Grant Sub-Lieut
McKinley, Alexander Norman Cadet (Battery Wounded Twice
McLean, Alexander Donald RQS
McLean, Hadden Malcolm Private
McLean, Matthew Private
McLean, Ronald Griffin Private
McLeish, Richard James Sergeant
McLellan, Newman Alexader Sergeant
McLennan, Hugh Muir Private
McLeod, Hugh John Flight Cadet
McMahon, Reginald Joseph Flight Cadet
McMeekin, Richard Frederick Flight Cadet
McMillan, Charles Hyndman Cadet (Sgt.)
McMillan, John Gunner
McMillan, Joseph Miles Gunner
McMillen, Arthur Gordon Bombadier
McMorris, Hugh Boyd Flight Cadet
McMurray, James Little Private Wounded
McNally, Oliver Joseph Second Lieutenant
McNaughton, George Pabos Lieutenant
McNeil, George Thomas Alexander Signaller
McNeill, Merrill Ivan Private Wounded
McNiece, Hugh Sergeant
McNulty, James Desmond Gunner Killed in Action
McQuarrie, Donald Alexander Private Wounded
McQuoid, James Lieutenant Wounded Twice
McRobert, Campbell Gunner Wounded
McRobert, John Noble Flight Cadet
McRorie, Charles Kemp Lieutenant
McTaggart, Thomas Gordon Gunner Wounded, Killed in Action
Mearns, James Angus Gunner
Mee, Ernest Campbell Lieutenant Killed in Action
Mee, John Norman Lieutenant Wounded Three Times, Killed in Action
Merriam, Brower Gesner Private Wounded
Merrix, Albert Ronald Private
Messenger, Charles Borden Flight Cadet
Metcalfe, Arnold Edward Private
Miles, Charles Russell Lieutenant
Miles, Richard Douglas Second Lieutenant Wounded
Millar, Henry Irwin Major
Millar, Howard L. Sergeant
Miller, Alexander Law Sergeant Wounded
Miller, David Kirkpatrick Sergeant Wounded
Miller, Duncan Haynes Lieutenant Wounded
Miller, Gordon Clifford Private
Miller, Gordon Thompkins Sergeant
Miller, Henry Edward Private Wounded Twice
Miller, John Iken Corporal
Miller, Percy Winston Lance Corporal
Miller, Raymond Harcourt Private
Miller, Robert Bovell Corporal Killed in Action
Milligan, Andrew Captain Wounded
Milne, Douglas Corporal
Milne, George Coates Private Wounded
Minnitt, Eric Arthur Corporal
Mitchell, Ernest Hugh Flight Cadet
Mitchell, Harry Clive Lieutenant
Mitchell, James Stuart Flight Cadet
Mitchell, Victor Lieutenant
Mockler, Edward Cecil William Lance Corporal Wounded
Moffatt, John Reginald Charles Battery Sergeant Wounded
Moffatt, Ruth Isobel Miss. V.A.D.
Mogg, Cyril Knox Barrow Lieutenant Killed in Action
Montizambert, Keith Beresford Percy Lieutenant Wounded
Montle, Frederick Jennison Lieutenant
Moore, Churchill MacDonald Signaller
Moore, George James Corporal
Moore, John Richard Mate
Moore, John Stewart Corporal Wounded
Moore, Maurice Levi Second Lieutenant
Moore, Terence Frederick Corporal
Moore, Thomas Sergeant Wounded Twice
Moore, Walter Van Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Moorhead, William George Private Wounded
Moorman, Donald James Lieutenant
Moran, John Ernest Lance Corporal Wounded
Moran, Walter Chismon Corporal Wounded
Mordy, Alfred Arthur Bombardier
Mordy, Arnott Grier Major Wounded Twice
More, Clarence Murray Private
Moreton, Clifford Gunner Wounded
Morgan, Fred Lothian Private
Morgan, Hugh Philip Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
Morkill, Alan Brooks Captain Wounded Twice
Morley, Edward Lionel Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Morris, Alfred George Second Lieutenant Wounded
Morrison, Alfred Edmond Stanley Staff Sgt. Wounded
Morrison, Daniel Roy Gunner
Morrison, Haslett Major Wounded, Killed in Action
Morrison, Kenneth Robert Munro Lieutenant
Morrison, William M. Sergeant Wounded
Morrow, Frederick David Craig Sergeant Wounded
Mortimer, Lionel Cadet Wounded
Morton, Arthur Ernest Bernard Lieutenant Killed in Action
Morton, Frederick Montgomery Private Wounded
Morton, John Hampden Fireman
Mountain, William Robert Lance Corporal Wounded
Mullen, Louis Wilfred Gunner
Munro, James Second Lieutenant Wounded
Munroe, Alexander Hall Lieutenant
Munroe, Donald Telford Cadet (Sgt.)
Murphy, Francis Michael Lieutenant Wounded
Murphy, George Patrick Private Wounded
Murray, Frederick Carol Corporal Wounded
Murray, Frederick Guy Private
Murray, Henry Garbois Lieutenant
Murray, Joseph Lance Corporal Wounded
Murray, Ralph Victor Private
Murray, William Jr. CSM
Mutch, Thomas Watson Lawrie Sergeant
Myers, Christopher Robinson Captain Wounded
Neary, William Charles Osmond WO
Neelin, Gregg Franklin Private
Neely, Cecil Ruddock Trooper
Neil, Henry Percy Gunner Killed in Action
Neilson, Richard Hart Captain
Nelson, Horace Sergeant
Nesbitt, Percy Howes Sergeant
Nevill, Charles Dundas Captain
Newdick, Tooley William Corporal Wounded
Newland, Ernest Waters Lieutenant
Newton, Frederick Gilbert Captain
Nicholson, David Moore Gunner
Nickerson, William Angus Lester Private Wounded
Nicol, Charles Robert Stuart Gunner
Nicol, Matthew Second Lieutenant
Nicoll, James Captain
Niemeier, Ralph Henry Sergeant
Nixon, John Edward Cadet Wounded
Noblett, William John Lance Corporal Wounded
Norris-Elye, Cuthbert Lewin Stuart Lieutenant
Norsworthy, John Weldon Lieutenant Wounded
Northcott, William Ross Lance Corporal
Notman, Ronald Clyde Gunner
Nunns, George Stafford Private
Nurcomb, Gordon Charles Arthur Flight Cadet
Nuttall, Ino Lawrence Kennedy Trooper Killed in Action
Oag, Hector Lieutenant
Oakley, Horatio Sydney Private
Odell, Gordon McGee Driver
Ogg, Stephen Third Air
O'Kelly, John Theobald Dowell A.B.
Oldaker, Bernard George Lieutenant Wounded
Olive, Gilbert CQMS Wounded
Oliver, Richard Roe Lieutenant Wounded
Oliver, Walter Mathers Lance Corporal Wounded Twice
O'Loughlin, Albert Earl Sergeant
O'Loughlin, John Joseph Lieutenant
O'Neill, Harry Linford Private Wounded Twice
O'Neill, William Gerald Private
Ormiston, Fred Harold Private
O'Rorke, George Joseph Lieutenant Wounded
Orr, John Charles Jr. Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Orr, John Richard Lieutenant Killed in Action
Orr, Sydney Wilson Lieutenant Wounded
Osborne, James Gordon Signaller
Osmond, William Lewis Gunner
O'Sullivan, Dennis Errol Gunner
Owen, Peter Rodney Cadet
Pae, Peter Richard Lieutenant Wounded
Page, Louis Cecil Second Lieutenant
Palmer, John Dainty Air Mecanic
Palmer, Richard Vincent Private
Palmer, Robert Sergeant Wounded
Pangman, Reginald Peter Gunner Wounded
Parke, Edwin Stuart Gunner
Parker, George Wallace Private Wounded
Parker, Reginald Lloyd Gunner
Parker, Wilfred Tennyson Second Lieutenant
Parnell, Charles Stewart Private
Parsons, Alfred Medley Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Parsons, Francis Stewart Lieutenant
Parsons, Henry Damon Private Wounded
Parsons, James Douglas Lieutenant Wounded
Paterson, George Frederick Lieutenant Wounded
Paterson, John Sergeant Wounded
Paterson, Norman Theodore Private Wounded
Paterson, William Alexander Private Wounded Three Times
Patman, Valentine Sgt Instructor Wounded
Paton, Frederic William Lieutenant Killed in Action
Paton, Robert Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Patrick, David John William Sergeant
Patterson, Gerald Stewart Private Died on Active Service
Patterson, John Kirkpatric Captain Wounded
Patton, Norman Edwin Greenfield Private Killed in Action
Peacocke, Harry William Second Lieutenant
Pearce, Charles Henry Private
Peare, Robert Humphrey Sergeant
Pearson, Ernest Gladwin Driver
Pearson, Frederick Beverly Gunner
Pearson, Marshall Alfred Bombadier Killed in Action
Peers, Murray McNealy Corporal
Peirson, Frederick Richard Captain Wounded Twice
Penney, George Gerard Signaller Wounded
Pentreath, Harold Edwyn Anson Lieutenant
Perry, Matthew Henry Corporal
Persons, La Verne Walter Bombadier
Peters, S.A. Army Field
Petipas, Hubert Edward Second Lieutenant
Peto, Edgar James Corporal
Petrie, Helen Vivien Nursing Sister
Petrie, Sydney Sinclair A.B.
Pettes, Jerry Curtis Private Killed in Action
Phair, Terence Hugh Osmond Flight Cadet Died on Active Service
Pheeney, Harold Henry Second Lieutenant
Philips, John Cross Flight Cadet
Philips, Thomas Bruce Lieutenant Wounded
Phillips, Hector Sergeant
Philp, Wilfred Guy Private
Pickard, Henry Thomas Gunner
Picken, Edward Kennedy Sergeant Wounded Twice
Pike, William Private Wounded
Pirie, Goldwin McCausland Private Wounded
Pittendrigh, David Morice Private Wounded
Playne, Leslie Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Plimmer, Frederick Thomas Cadet
Pole, Arthur Douglas Car Private Wounded, Killed in Action
Pollock, John Wallace Driver
Pollock, Lawrence William Hogg Private
Polson, Norman Smith Lieutenant
Ponton, Archibald Irvine Private
Pope, Harold Wilfred Dominic Captain
Porrior, Harry Q Master Sgt.
Poupart, Joseph Henry Private
Powell, Harrison Claire Private
Power, Peter John Private
Poynton, Arthur Reginald Private Wounded
Pratt, Herbert Ernest Private
Pratte, Marc Aurele Private Killed in Action
Priestman, Harry Lawrence Eddey Lieutenant
Pringle, Thomas John Lance Corporal
Pritchard, Richard Eryri Sergeant
Proctor, Gordon Campbell Lieutenant
Proudfoot, William Lieutenant Killed in Action
Purdon, Andrew Corporal Wounded
Purdy, Claude Chester Flight Lieut Killed in Action
Purdy, James Ringland Captain
Purgley, Thomas Aubrey Flight Cadet
Pyke, Denis Patrick Lieutenant Wounded
Quinton, Sidney De Bellefouille Lieutenant
Radcliffe, William Corporal
Radclyffe, Gun Second Lieutenant Wounded
Rafuse, Leslie Emerson Flight Cadet
Ramage, Edward John Private Wounded
Rambaut, Henry William Romney Sergeant
Randall, Thomas Barnard Lieutenant
Rapson, Sidney Harry Private Wounded, Died of Wounds
Ratz, Lincoln Private
Rawle, Charles William Forbes Second Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
Raymond, Harry Gilbert Sergeant Wounded
Reaburn, George Williamson Private
Read, Percy Charles Lance Corporal
Read, Samuel Thomas Private Wounded
Redman, Stanley Victor Hughes Private
Reed, Charles Henry Corporal
Reed, William Jr. Sergeant Wounded
Rehn, Carl Hjalman Yeoman
Reid, Adam Alexander Private
Reid, Alfred Gordon Private
Reid, Arthur James Private
Reid, Arthur Pritchard RSM
Reid, Forrest Private
Reid, George Edward Gunner
Reid, Kenneth Hurst Bombadier Wounded
Rennison, George Garrett Gunner
Renwick, Halbert Siegle Sergeant
Renwick, Lewis Private
Reuter, Fred Carl Anton Gunner
Rhodes, Arthur Dallas Gordon Flight Cadet
Riach, Charles Cruickshank Jr. Sergeant Wounded Twice
Richards, Charles Ainslie Private Wounded
Richards, Thomas Corporal
Richards, William Henry Edward Second Lieutenant
Richards, William Lewis Lieutenant Wounded
Ricketts, Neville Hamilton Lieutenant Wounded
Ridge, Norman MacKenzie Private Wounded
Rigsby, Andrew Cecil Private Wounded Three Times
Rippingale, Edwin Spugeon Sergeant Wounded Twice
Ritchie, John Alexander Second Lieutenant
Ritchie, William Private
Ritchie, William Jr. Sergeant Wounded
Roberts, Alan Kenneth MacKenzie Corporal
Roberts, Geoffrey Lewis A.B.
Robertson, Hugh Captain Wounded
Robertson, James Flight Cadet
Robertson, James Stirling Staff Sgt Wounded
Robertson, Reginald Victor Private
Robinson, Benjamin Henry Percy Lieutenant
Robinson, Edward Leonard Corporal
Robinson, James Lieutenant Wounded
Robinson, John Daniels Lieutenant Wounded
Robotham, George Henry Flight Cadet
Robson, John Samuel McConnell Private Wounded
Roche, Gordon Leopold Private
Rodger, John Ritchie Lieutenant Wounded
Rodgerson, James Stuart Lieutenant Killed in Action
Rogers, Gilbert Corporal Killed in Action
Rogers, Thomas Runciman Sergeant Wounded
Ronaldson, Thomas Shirreff Sergeant Wounded
Roop, Alfred Norman Sergeant
Rosborough, Ralph Victor Sergeant
Rose, Henry Ewart Major Wounded
Ross, Bruce Forbes Lieutenant
Ross, Frank MacKenzie Captain
Ross, George Harold Lieutenant Wounded
Ross, George Morrison Lieutenant Wounded
Ross, Hugh Gunner
Ross, James Corporal Wounded
Ross, Robert Stewart Lieutenant Wounded
Ross, Thomas Jr. Private
Ross, William Thomas Langston Staff Sgt.
Rothwell, Norman Lieutenant Wounded Three Times
Rouleau, Henri Joseph Private Wounded, Died of Wounds
Roy, Alfred Thomas Corporal Wounded
Roy, Joseph Adalbert Private
Ruberty, Gilbert Lance Corporal Died on Active Service
Ryder, John Private Wounded
Ryerson, John Egerton Captain Killed in Action
Rymal, William Arthur Second Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Ryrie, Evan Lieutenant Killed in Action
Sadleir, Malcolm Victor Lieutenant Wounded
Sadler, Louis Private Wounded
Samson, Joseph Rosaire Captain
Sands, Lloyd Allison Flight Lieut Killed in Action
Sapte, Douglas Second Lieutenant
Sattin, Arthur Lieutenant
Saunders, Brant Murray Gunner Wounded
Saunders, George Carlton CSM
Saunderson, William Flight Cadet
Savage, Ivan Bruce Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Saxton, Frederick Henry Staff Sgt
Say, Stanley Rhys Captain Wounded
Scanlon, James Ross Private Wounded
Schnur, Cyril Coleman Gunner
Schollick, James Murray Lieutenant
Scott, Alexander Stuart Bell Private
Scott, Alviyn Cormie Lieutenant Wounded
Scott, Charles Victor Christian Private Wounded, Died of Wounds
Scott, John Richard Douglas Private Accidentally Drowned
Scott, Leslie Baldwin Private
Scott, Nigel Bowes Second Lieutenant Wounded
Scott, Raymond Fenton Lieutenant
Scott, William George Private
Scroggie, George Everett Captain
Scully, Douglas Second Lieutenant
Seddall, Cecil Graves Lieutenant Wounded
Sewell, Adrian Valentine Lieutenant Wounded
Shadwel, Howard Lancelot Fitzhenry Bombadier
Shannon, Alexander Gilbert McElwaine Corporal
Shannon, Alfred Ernest Gunner
Sharp, Davie Dalglish Sergeant
Sharp, Frederick Barr Lieutenant
Sharp, Percy Wetmore Second Lieutenant Air
Shaw, George Thomas Captain Wounded Twice
Shaw, John Jr. Lieutenant Wounded
Shaw, Peter Boyd Gunner Wounded
Sheard, Reginald Flight Cadet
Shepherd, George smith Second Lieutenant
Sheppard, Arold Saxton Bombadier
Sheppard, John Douglas Lieutenant Died on Active Service
Shiel, Lawrence Wemys Gunner
Shink, Joseph Albert Flight Cadet
Shirley, John Flight Cadet
Short, William Smith Private
Shuttle, William Gibson Lance Corporal
Sifton, Leonard Bamlet Second Lieutenant
Simpson, Alexander Noble Sergeant Wounded
Simpson, Douglas Stuart Signaller
Simpson, Elmer Fox Sergeant Wounded
Simpson, Honeyman Aitchison Gunner
Simpson, James Henderson Private
Simpson, James Kilgour Captain Wounded Twice
Simpson, Stewart Basil Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
Sinclair, Alexander Private
Sinclair, George Francis Swabey Lance Corporal Wounded
Sinclair, NEIL Francis RSM Died on Active Service
Size, Donald Clair Signaller
Skead, George Carleton Mackay Sergeant Killed in Action
Skelton, Gibson Fitzgerald Private Wounded
Slaker, Conrad Gordon Second Lieutenant
Small, Gordon Folger Flight Cadet Died on Active Service
Smillie, Charles Blair Sergeant Wounded
Smith, Alexander Private Wounded
Smith, Andrew Trooper
Smith, Arthur Chesley A.B.
Smith, Arthur Lewis Lieutenant
Smith, Cecil Gordon Second Lieutenant Wounded
Smith, Charles Sidney Private Wounded
Smith, Cyril Falconer White Flight Cadet
Smith, Donald Bennett Sergeant
Smith, Donovan R.M. Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Smith, Harry Ryerson Bombadier
Smith, John Alexander Henry Cadet (Sgt.)
Smith, John Douglas Private Wounded
Smith, Lionel Claude Dancer Private Wounded, Died of Wounds
Smith, Martin Nathaniel Private
Smith, Merritt Homer Private Wounded
Smith, Norman Dryden Corporal
Smith, Walter Thomas Flight Cadet
Smith, William Howard Private
Smyth, Reuben Robert Corporal
Smyth, Richard Charles Second Lieutenant Wounded
Smythe, John Cecil Lieutenant Wounded
Sneddon, David Henry Sergeant Wounded
Snyder, William Hilliard Lieutenant Killed in Action
Sohier, Adolph Sergeant Wounded
Somerville, James Jr. Staff Q/Sgt
Soper, Vivian Donald Corporal Wounded
Spankie, Hugh Vernon Captain Wounded
Sparham, George Arthur Second Lieutenant
Spellman, John James Corporal
Spence, John Gordon Lieutenant
Spracklin, Rowland Flight Cadet
Sprague, William Franlin Bombadier
Sproule, Robert Crawford Sergeant Wounded
Stainton, Eric Second Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Stairs, Herbert Morrow Lieutenant
Stanley, Harold Dilworth Second Lieutenant
Stanley, Harry McDonald Sergeant
Stanway, James William Sergeant Killed in Action
Starkey, Percy Douglas Private
Steacy, George Williamson Flight Cadet
Steele, Thomas Lieutenant
Stephenson, Albert William Pay Sgt.
Stephenson, Carleton Jervis Private
Stephenson, James Gunner
Sterns, Harry Douglas Gunner
Stevens, Frederic Stanley RSM Wounded
Stevens, George Henry Sergeant
Stewart, Blair Athol Private
Stewart, Charles Clark Private
Stewart, Charles Hargrave Gunner
Stewart, Herbert James Sergeant Died on Active Service
Stewart, Hugh Ferguson Staff Sgt Wounded
Stewart, James Sergeant Wounded
Stewart, Thomas Ernest Warnock Lance Corporal Killed in Action
Stewart, Thomas Gordon Signaller
Stewart, William John Private
Still, James Captain
Stockwell, Silas Howard Sergeant Killed in Action
Stone, George Guy Corporal
Stoner, Avery Tillson Lance Corporal Killed in Action
Storr, Francis Cyril Lance Corporal
Storrey, Lawrence Ernest Gunner
Strachan, Andrew Second Lieutenant
Strange, George Lieutenant Wounded Three Times
Stricker, Frank Harold Private Killed in Action
Stuart, Samuel Joseph Second Lieutenant
Stuart, Stuart Weir Jr. Private Wounded
Stubbins, George Arthur Sergeant
Stubbs, Harold John Corporal
Studd, William Gordon Sergeant
Sturgeon, Ray Brown Sergeant
Suddaby, Herbert Hamilton Gunner
Summers-Gill, Herbert Reginald Howell Sergeant
Suter, Gordon Wilson Lieutenant Killed in Action
Sutherland, Clarke Stinson 1st Lieut
Sutherland, Douglas Adamson Lieutenant Killed in Action
Sutherland, Lawrence Joseph Private
Swalwell, Joseph Archer Gunner
Sweet, Hugh Clifton Gunner
Sweetlove, Charles Frederick Private Wounded
Swinyard, Bennett James Sergeant Wounded
Swinyard, William Edward Private
Sydal, Daniel William Charles Pay Sgt.
Syddall, George Baxby Captain
Symon, Wilfred James Private
Tainsh, Gordon Donald MacNeill Private Killed in Action
Tandy, Percy King Private Wounded Twice
Tannahill, Andrew Findlay Private
Tannahill, James Arbuckle Lieutenant
Tanner, Albert Basil Wilberforce Gunner
Tanner, Frederic Inglis Major Wounded Twice
Taylor, Allison Hunt Lieutenant
Taylor, Charles Henry Corporal Wounded
Taylor, James Jr. Private Wounded
Taylor, John Thomas Second Lieutenant
Taylor, Noel Vivian Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Taylor, Russell Gunner
Taylor, Stanley Walter Lieutenant
Taylor, William John Corporal Wounded Twice
Templeton, Arthur Hancock Sergeant
Templeton, Ernest Chruchill Private Died on Active Service
Tennant, Donald Grant Corporal Wounded
Thayer, Walter Lorne Gunner
Therien, Joseph Hermas Private
Thermaenius, Johan Werner Private Wounded
Thomas, Edwin Kenem Gunner
Thomas, George Newell Gunner Wounded
Thompson, David Stinson Captain
Thompson, Eric Frederick Flight Cadet
Thompson, Frank Hurman Private
Thompson, George Clifton Gunner
Thompson, Joseph Hyland Private Wounded Three Times
Thompson, Malcom Flight Cadet
Thompson, Olaf Frederick Corporal Wounded
Thompson, Reginald Edward Flight Cadet Wounded
Thompson, Victor Wentworth Lieutenant
Thomson, Donald Campbell Captain Wounded
Thomson, John William Staff Sgt.
Thomson, Joseph Rielle Lieutenant
Thorne, Arthur Burrell Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
Thorne, William Earl Gunner
Thornton, Charles William Lieutenant Wounded
Thouret, Adophy Cedrick Sergeant
Thursby, Miles Herbert Lieutenant
Tipper, Percy Albert Flight Cadet
Todd, Samuel Kennedy Signaller
Toomey, Waldron Gosselin Lieutenant
Touchbu, Kenneth Gunner
Tranmer, Floyd Bertram Staff Sgt.
Trant, John Francis Bombadier
Trenouth, B. W. Signaller Wounded Twice
Tribe, Francis Fead Private
Tripp, Cyril Claude Howard Second Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
Troop, Jared Douglas Eric Lieutenant
Trow, Earl Moore Private
Tucker, Walter Lance Corporal Wounded
Tuckwell, Henry Theodore Private
Tuckwell, Humphery Ansell Henry Lieutenant Wounded
Turk, Sidney Lieutenant Wounded
Turnbull, Norman McLeod Bombadier
Turner, Arthur Private
Turner, Hector MacKenzie Sergeant Wounded
Tweedy, Charles Ord Private Wounded Three Times
Tydd, Ernest FrancisPrittie Lieutenant Wounded
Tydd, William John Sterne Lieutenant Wounded
Tylor, Harold Edgar Captain
Tyrwhitt, John Alexander Gallagher Corporal
Ure, William Private
Usher, William Reed Lieutenant
Valleau, Eric Harold Second Lieutenant
Van De Water, James Philip Sergeant Wounded
Van Someren, Alfred William Eustace Lieutenant Wounded
Vane-Yarrow, Reinald George Captain
Verity, Reginald Emery Gunner
Vidler, Arnold George Alexander Captain Wounded
Vidler, Norman Wakefield Staff Sgt Wounded
Vining, John Gore Lieutenant Wounded
Vipond, Harry Kendall Second Lieutenant Wounded
Vradenburgh, John Carpenter Second Lieutenant Air
Vradenburgh, William Gunner Killed in Action
Walcot, Harold Chandos Captain
Waldron, Laurence Thomas Corporal
Walkden, Hubert St. John Lieutenant Wounded
Walker, Denzil Robert Augustus Lieutenant Wounded
Walker, James Charles Eden Lieutenant
Walker, John Vincent Lance Corporal Wounded
Walker, Robert Lee Second Lieutenant
Walker, Thomas Francis Blaikie Corporal
Walker, Wilson Flight Cadet
Walkinshaw, William Corporal Wounded
Wallace, Paul MacLellan Second Lieutenant Wounded
Wallinger, Gordon Arnold Private
Walthew, Frederick Selby Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Walton, Frederick Herbert Lieutenant Wounded
Walton, John Miller Captain Wounded
Ward, Cyril Newton Driver
Ward, Frederic Eaton Private Died on Active Service
Ward, Leonard Cecil Private Killed in Action
Ward, Richard James Private
Ward, William Grant Signaller Killed in Action
Warner, Harvey Springer Private
Waterman, Arthur Harold Captain
Waters, Douglas cott Private
Watkins, Leonard Stanley Lance Corporal Wounded
Watson, Campbell Hubert Allen Private
Watson, Charles Douglas Sergeant
Watson, Harold Cecil Signaller
Watson, Henry Richard Private Wounded
Watson, John Smith Corporal Killed in Action
Watson, Mervyn Estcourte Bombadier
Watson, Norman Campion Second Lieutenant Killed in Action
Watson, Patrick Balfour Corporal Killed in Action
Watson, Robert James Sergeant Wounded
Watson, Robert Mason Major
Watson, William Gunner
Watson, William Leslie Sergeant
Watson, William Linton Lieutenant
Watson, William Maurice Gunner Wounded
Watt, Alexander McDonald Second Lieutenant Wounded
Watt, Frederick Joseph Lieutenant Wounded
Watts, Charles Arthur Lyndon Lieutenant
Watts, Harry Temple Lieutenant Wounded
Weber, Louis Lunan Flight Cadet
Webster, Frederick Cyril Sergeant Killed in Action
Webster, Ralph Laverne Corporal Killed in Action
Wedd, George Maynard Jr. Gunner
Weddell, Wilfred Angus Sergeant Wounded
Weir, John Wybrants Olpherts Private Wounded Twice
Weir, Norman Brown Signaller
Wells, Lawrence Grant Private
Wells, Norman Lewis Captain Wounded
Wells, Theophilus Hughes Flight Cadet
Wells, William James Coxwain
West, Martin Cedric Sergeant
West, Robert Douglas Lieutenant Wounded
West, Wilfred Crookes Lieutenant Wounded Three Times
Whaley, Cedrick David Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Whaley, George Baird Corporal
Wheadon, Norman Arthur Lance Corporal Wounded
Wheeler, Arthur Flight Cadet
White, Cecil Samuel Signaller Wounded
White, Marvin Hart Gunner
White, Michael Francis Flight Cadet
White, Thomas Milton Flight Cadet
Whitehead, Geoffrey CQS
Whiteside, Gerard Mages Private
Whittaker, Cecil Geddes Lance Corporal Wounded
Whittaker, Randolph Humphries Lieutenant Wounded
Whyte, Frederick Gunner
Whyte, James Guy Sergeant
Whyte, Marvin Corporal Wounded Twice
Wickham, Basil Redfield Gunner
Wigle, Clinton Ernest Gunner
Wilbraham-Taylor, Harington Private Killed in Action
Wilcox, Edward Richard Cumberland Major Wounded Twice
Wilde, Jack Pemberton Private Wounded
Wilkinson, Arhtur Bogart Lieutenant
Wilkinson, John Private
Willett, Robert Lindsay Private
Williams, Arthur Percival Private Killed in Action
Williams, Earl Austin Flight Cadet
Williams, Harold Curtis Flight Cadet
Williams, Harold Patton Captain
Williams, John Smout Captain
Williams, John Warren Private Wounded
Williams, Vincent CSM
Williamson, Henry Carson Corporal Wounded
Williamson, James Private Wounded, Killed in Action
Wilson, Adam Captain
Wilson, Alexander Lance Corporal Wounded
Wilson, Andrew Murdison Corporal Wounded, Killed in Action
Wilson, Archie Gordon Lieutenant
Wilson, Charles Willingham Private Wounded Twice
Wilson, David Edward Sapper
Wilson, Douglas Alexander Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Wilson, George Percy Lieutenant
Wilson, Harvey Fleming Private Killed in Action
Wilson, Harvey James Musson Driver
Wilson, John Private Wounded
Wilson, John Wilson Lieutenant Wounded, Killed in Action
Wilson, Roy Wellington Private Wounded Twice
Winnall, Eric Ivan Captain Wounded
Winning, Harold Anderson Private Wounded
Winning, James Paton Sergeant Wounded
Wittet, Archibald Charles Private Wounded, Killed in Action
Wood, Charles Mountain Lieutenant
Wood, Emily Miss. V.A.D.
Wood, James Corporal
Woodard, Russell Melville Private
Woodcock, Donald Captain Wounded
Woods, Alexander Ritchie Private
Woods, Hill McMurray Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Woods, Thomas Philbrow Private Wounded
Woodward, Insel Private Killed in Action
Woodward, Kenneth Burnett Sergeant
Woolley, Duncan Boyd Lieutenant
Woolley, Sydney Vaughan Private
Wray, Edward John Private
Wray, William Long Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Wright, Dainiel E. Private
Wright, Herbert Lieutenant Wounded Twice
Wyatt, Frank Morison Captain
Wylde, Harry Gilbert Private
Wylie, John Howard Sapper
Wynne, Wilfred Darley Lieutenant Wounded
Wynne-Roberts, B. Annie Miss. V.A.D.
Yeats, Finlay Watson Sergeant
Yeo, Everard Lisle Second Lieutenant Wounded
Young, Clarence Elliot Sergeant
Young, Earl Charles Gunner
Young, William Private
Young, William Russell Lieutenant