War Diary

2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion

Saturday, September 09, 1916

Bde RESERVE,Sept.p.4,War Diaries.
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Moved up 9 a.m. to relieve 4th Can. Bn. in front line trenches. Each man carried 170 Rds S.A.A. & 2 Mills Grenades. Battalion moved up via 1st C.I.B. dump, where Lights, Rockets, Sand bags etc were picked up. Relief completed 1.25 p.m. Companies moved up into position preparatory to attack. 3. pm.,Companies entered "JUMPING OFF TRENCH", dug toe-holes, and freed bayonets. 4.25 pm. everything in readiness. 4.45 pm. barrage opened, men leapt over parapet, and advanced as close as possible to German Front line. 4.48 pm., barrage lifted, and our right companies gained objective. On LEFT, our men were held up for a few minutes, by heavy Machine gun fire. At this time one of our officers, Lieut. J. PRINGLE, alone, charged the machine gun which was holding up his men, and silenced the gunners, himself being riddled with bullets. 5.27 pm. message dispatched by O.C. Attacking Party (Major VANDERWATER) to Bn. H.Q., stating that objective had been
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