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10th Battalion

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Date Location Weather Map Reference
10/19/1914 Plymouth/Lavington/Pond Farm Camp, Salisbury Plain, England Fine and cold
10/20/1914 Salisbury Plain light clouds, no rain, cool
10/21/1914 Salisbury Plain light clouds, no rain, cool
10/22/1914 Salisbury Plain cold and raining in the morning, cloudy in afternoon.
10/23/1914 Salisbury Plain raining intermittently all day
10/24/1914 Salisbury Plain cold, cloudy in afternoon
10/25/1914 Salisbury Plains cold winds, occasional rain, cloudy
10/26/1914 Salisbury Plains cool, cloudy, no rain
10/27/1914 cloudy, light rain, clear in afternoon
10/28/1914 Salisbury Plains Hoar frost at night
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