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73rd Battalion - Royal Highlanders of Canada 1915-1917
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Author: Colonel Paul P. Hutchison
Category: Regimental History (Canadian)
Media: Book
Year: 2011
Publisher: Royal Highlanders of Canada
ISBN/Reference: 978-0-9782507-2-0
Overview by: marc

Excellent history of one of the shortest serving combat battalions in the CEF. This was originally completed in 1944, but the decision was made to not publish it due to cost. This publication is a complete and accurate transcription of Colonel Paul B. Hutchison’s original, although the nominal roll in the appendix has been augmented by Mike Cher using information from the Part II orders.

This is an excellent read, and while it contains some of the patriotic flavor of most regimental histories, it provides an almost day-to-day account of the Battalion, from its formation to when it was disbanded and broken up after the battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917. There is a section at the end of the book on selected men and their service after being reassigned to other battalions, as well as an Honour Roll commemorating those that fell. The appendices include the abovementioned nominal roll, including men who served just days with the battalion, Honours and Awards, and an itinerary of the Battalion.

This book has had a limited printing of 200 copies and is available through the Black Watch of Canada .


1/25/2012 marc rated this a 5
  Essential reading. It's short, easily readable and contains a wealth of information.



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