About this site

The Canadian Great War Project

Welcome to the largest fully searchable database dedicated to the Canadian men and woman that served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) during the Great War (1914-1919).

This site evolved from my research into my grandfater in the Great War, which expanded to research into the soldiers from his town, which then expanded to soldiers from the area. The number was getting too large, so I created a database to hold the information. I found ways to populate it with more information, and thought it might be useful to others. The search mechanisms I've come up with are a bit broader than on the Canadian Government sites. This is no slight to the work the Canadian Government has done; they have made a wealth of information available. This is just an attempt to put information into formats more readily available for the researcher.

This is now a collaborative effort with a growing number of CEF researchers entering or updating information on a daily basis. We have a many of them to thank.

Future Directions

I will slowly add to this site. You can check here to see what has been added recently. If anyone sees that there is a benefit to this project and wants to help, any and all help is appreciated.

If you find errors in the site, or if you think of anything else that would be good to add, please send me an eMail and let me know.