CEF Award Detail

Matron Irene Adele Cains

Royal Red Cross 1st Class

Regimental Number:
Canadian Army Medical Corps
Deputy Director of Medical Services, London
Enlistment Date:
December 20, 1915
Date of Birth:
July 12, 1885
Date of Death:
Date of Award:
Date of Citation:
June 21, 1918
Citation Source:
LG 30758
Award exists:
Award location:
Award comments:
Soldier Notes:

Toronto Star - October 20th, 1917:

Nurses Win Honor.

London, Oct. 20.---The following Canadian matron nurses are being brought to the notice of the Secretary of War for valuable services:  E. C. Bachelder, M. O. Buller, I. A. Cains, J. Cameron Smith, M. G. Coxall, H. E. Dulmage.

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