Letters from the Front

Witness to Events

Letters to and from the soldiers at the front were the only way of passing information back and forth between loved ones at home. Most of these have been lost to time. Some that survived are shown in this section. It is likely that many of the ones transcribed from newspapers have been edited before their initial publication . If you have letters that you would like to share on this page, please contact marc. Clicking on the "Submitted" field will display the most recent entries at the top of the page.

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12/28/1914 Unnamed British Soldier Huntingdon Gleaner, Huntingdon, Quebec, Huntingdon, Quebec A letter home from a Scottish soldier describing the Christmas truce. 8/27/2005 marc
8/23/1914 Private Goldwin McCausland Pirie Dundas Star, Dundas, Ontario Four Letters from Valcartier Camp, 1914 8/27/2005 Marika Pirie
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