Letters from the Front

Lance Corporal James Ross Binkley, 3rd Battalion CEF

Last Letter of Binkley

Toronto Star published Saturday, May 15, 1915

Thursday, April 01, 1915

Transcribed by: Marika I. Pirie

The actual date of Binkley's letter was not included when it was published in the Toronto Star.  As the data entry for this website requires a field to be entered for the date of letter, an April date has been entered.  The letter likely dates from within a few months of his death in April 1915.


Soldier Life Ideal For Lazy Man

"This life is certainly the ideal one for a lazy man," wrote Ross Binkley, the athlete, who was killed by the same shell that killed his "pal" and superior officer, Lieut. Mado Macdonald, in his last letter.  "Your meal is provided, your hour of retiring and arising announced, your actions during the day are governed by rules that concern you not on the making.  Once in a while the 'homey' feeling becomes strong, and the sight of King and Yonge streets, Toronto, or Dundas, would be welcome, but the longer that time is delayed the more welcome it will be."