Letters from the Front

Private Ulysses Theodore Mays

Sarnia man at 2nd Ypres

Sarnia Weekly Observer published Saturday, May 22, 1915

Wednesday, May 05, 1915

Transcribed by: Bev Walkling

Following is a letter from U.T. Mays, who went with the First Contingent, to Mrs. Mays, 409 George Street.

May 5th 1915

Dear Wife – You have probably read the account of the great dash the Canadians made, but the half has never been told. I am thankful to say I am well and among the living. I have been in three countries now, England, France and Belgium, and hope to be in Germany. We are now in a rest camp and expect to be here two or three weeks. I am glad to get away from the roar of the guns. I have not seen Tod Fleming since. He was killed or wounded, I don’t know which. We lost so many of our boys, but they died heroes. We charged the Germans in a regular hail of shot and shell. It did not seem as though anyone could possibly live under the fire, but a few of us are left to tell the tale, but for how long we don’t know. I am cooking again and feeling fine, the weather here is ideal. Hope you are both well. Good-bye, from your old man.

Ulysses Theodore Mays 7181

The Tod Fleming referred to is likely Private Hugh Fleming