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Crucified Soldier

The (London) Times

Monday, May 10, 1915

Transcribed by: marc

This story is the source for one of the most enduring legends of the war, the Crucified Soldier. "Canada's Golgotha", depicting this event, was sculpted by Derwent Wood, and is on display at the Canadian War Museum. The atrocity was denied by the Germans, who asked for any proof of it happening. General Sir Arthur Currie investigated the incident after the war and came to the conclusion that it had been fabricated.

Torture of a Canadian Officer
Paris, May 9
Last week a large number of Canadian soldiers wounded in the fighting round Ypres arrived at the base hospital at Versailles. They all told a story of how one of their officers had been crucified by the Germans. He had been pinned to the wall by bayonets thrust through his hands and feet, another bayonet had been driven through his throat, and, finally, he was riddled with bullets.
The wounded Canadians said that the Dublin Fusiliers had seen this done with their own eyes, and that they had heard officers of the Dublin Fusiliers talking about it.