Extracts from the News

Quebec Aviator Brought Down German Taube

Crag & Canyon [Banff, Alberta]

Saturday, July 01, 1916

Transcribed by: M. I. Pirie


Quebec Aviator Brought down German Taube

In a letter to his father, Dr. A. P. Cartier1,  former member of the legislature and now collector of inland revenue at St. Hyacinthe, Airman Jacques Cartier2, formerly of the reportorial staff of the Montreal Herald, tells how he brought down a German aeroplane on the British front in France on April 27 last.

He was on patrol duty in the British front on April 27, and for want of any more exciting past time was occupying himself with taking pot shots at a German observation balloon about 4,000 feet in the air.  While thus engaged he saw a taube on the wing coming in his direction.  Scenting some real fighting he "went up" after his prey.  Circling upwards until he was above the German craft Cartier could discern that the occupants of the taube had been taking photographs of British positions. He commended firing and swooping in closer to the German.  He succeeded in crippling the Hun machine so that it fell behind the German lines.  He was warmly cheered by both the French and British troops.

1Dr. Antoine-Paul Cartier (1849-1934) ran as a Conservative in the federal elections of 1900 and 1908 for St. Hyacinthe.   George-Etienne Cartier was a great uncle.

2This appears to be Jacques Narcisse Cartier.  He originally enlisted in the Canadian Infantry on September 23rd, 1914.   This attestation indicates that he was a journalist.