Extracts from the News

Escape attempt at Castle Mountain Internment Camp, Banff, Alberta

Crag & Canyon [Banff, Alberta]

Saturday, August 19, 1916

Transcribed by: M. I. Pirie

"Austrians" in the context of this report referred to men born in the Austro-Hungarian empire.  Many of these men were Ukrainian immigrants. 


From the Internment Camp at Castle Mountain - A Deserved Lesson

Shortly after noon, last Saturday, an Austrian at the Castle mountain internment camp was shot while endeavoring to escape.

Three of the interns, who had evidently carefully matured their plans for a get-away, made a break for liberty.  The guard called upon them to halt and, their refusing to obey the command, promptly fired upon the fleeing men.  One of the Austrians, named Konowalszuk, received a bullet in the thigh when the runaways promptly quit.

The wounded man was carried to the camp hospital and Drs. Brett and Atkins phoned for.  Upon examination it was deemed expedient to send the man to the Calgary general hospital for treatment.  He is reported as in a fair way to recovery.

The three men had two or three suits of underclothing each under their overalls and all their personal belongings concealed about their persons.