Extracts from the News

Bankhead Alberta man wins Award for gallantry at Gallipoli.

Crag & Canyon [Banff, Alberta]

Saturday, November 06, 1915

Transcribed by: M. I. Pirie

Although the reporter described Murray's award as a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), Murray wrote home to a friend in Banff at a later date and clarified that it was a naval decoration, or a Distinguished Service Medal.  Letter.

Bankhead Man wins D.C.M.

The town of Bankhead has been honoured by one of her citizen soldiers, who has received that much coveted decoration the D.C.M. for gallantry in action at Gallipoli.

James H. Murray, engineer at the Bankhead power house when the war broke out, resigned his job and paid his own fare to England to enlist in the signal corps of the Royal Naval division as a dispatch rider.  He was twice wounded and in hospital before winning the coveted decoration.

His many friends in Bankhead fully appreciate the honour conferred upon the town by the gallantry of a former citizen.

Bankhead is an Alberta ghost town.   Formerly a coal mining town, it was affected by the shut down of the coal mine in 1922, and most of the buildings were moved to Banff and Canmore.  It is very near the town of Banff.