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Letters to and from the soldiers at the front were the only way of passing information back and forth between loved ones at home. Most of these have been lost to time. Some that survived are shown in this section. It is likely that many of the ones transcribed from newspapers have been edited before their initial publication . If you have letters that you would like to share on this page, please contact marc. Clicking on the "Submitted" field will display the most recent entries at the top of the page.

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4/1/1915 Lance Corporal James Ross Binkley, 3rd Battalion CEF Toronto Star Last Letter of Binkley 12/31/2017 Marika I. Pirie
6/27/1917 Lieut.-Col. Joseph Bartlett Rogers Toronto Star Death of Major W. Beverley Crowther, 3rd Battalion, 03 May 1917 12/30/2017 Marika I. Pirie
12/1/1915 Pte. Richard Basil McPherson, 29th Battalion CEF Shoe and Leather Journal, Acton Publishing Co., Toronto, Ontario Letter Home from a former Shoeman - gives talks on footwear to his comrades on the front lines 8/7/2017 Marika I. Pirie
11/1/1915 Sergt. S. Allen, 37th Battalion, C.E.F., Headquarters Staff, Exhibition Camp, Toronto Shoe and Leather Journal, Acton Publishing Co., Toronto, Ontario Mending Boots for the 37th Battalion CEF 7/22/2017 Marika I. Pirie
4/17/1917 Private William Scott Kennedy Private Letter Letter about death of Lance Corporal David Cowie at Vimy Ridge 3/30/2017 Kim MacKenzie
1/24/1916 Ira Henry Huehn Private collection Letter from France to cousin in Canada 11/3/2014 Tom Reitz
6/16/1916 Lt. Ervin Simeon Conrad Private Letter Letter home while resting at Reninghelst with the 31st Battalion 8/5/2014 NiagaraHistory
6/5/1916 Lt. Ervin Simeon Conrad Private Letter Ordered to the front at the Battle of Mount Sorrel with the 31st Battalion 8/5/2014 NiagaraHistory
5/6/1915 Major Herbert Gourlay Wickens, 3rd Battalion C.E.F. Red Deer News Letter from the Front - 2nd Battle of Ypres 3/20/2014 M. I. Pirie
9/17/1916 Pte. Ernest March Wakelyn The Calgary Daily Herald Pte. Ernest Wakelyn, 31st Battalion, writes about the battle of the Somme 10/7/2013 Marika I. Pirie
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