Libraries and Archives Canada - War Diaries

Grandson Michael's Guide to the LAC War Diaries

by Grandson Michael

Library and Archives Canada has made a wealth of information available to Great War researchers, in the form of on-line War Diaries.

However, the organisation of the War Diary references, as kicked into cyberspace by the LAC, is a mess. The unit references have been uploaded in a chaotic manner and logical date sequences for some units is non-existent. When there are 159 references for a particular unit, say the Canadian Corps, then it is a time consuming job to find the one you need. For this reason I have looked at all the references, got rid of the 'ballast' and put them in a normal date sequence.

I have used the LAC Keyword list to arrange the units and hyperlinks into sections, but I'm nor really happy with their list. Some of the reasons for this should be clear when you read the following, another reason is because it is not logical and there are units missing. See this thread on the CEF Research discussion board.

The links have been classified into 33 (more or less) sections, dealing with various parts of the available CEF and BEF War Diaries. A Union Jack (BEF Content) beside an entry indicates that there is content pertaining to BEF units.

Please address any questions, comments, accolades or offers to buy me a good beer to Grandson Michael